10 Minute Fat Burning Workout For Beginners

Hey what's up guys and welcome back to My channel In today's video I'm going to be sharing With you a 10 minute fat burning workout That's perfect for beginners If you're new to working out or just Looking for a quick and effective Workout this is the perfect routine for You So grab your water bottle put on some Comfortable clothes and let's get Started warm up Before we begin let's start with a quick Warm-up to get our muscles ready for the Workout We'll start with some arm circles Bringing our arms forward and backward For 30 seconds Then we'll do some leg swings swinging Our legs forward and backward for Another 30 seconds Finally we'll finish with some jumping Jacks for 30 seconds Workout Now that we're warmed up it's time for The workout We'll be doing five exercises for 30 Seconds each with a 10 second break in Between We'll repeat the circuit twice so the Workout will be a total of 10 minutes Exercise one squats The first exercise is squats Stand with your feet shoulder width

Apart and lower your body as if you're Sitting in a chair Make sure your knees don't go over your Toes Return the standing position and repeat For 30 seconds exercise 2 jumping jacks The next exercise is jumping jacks Stand with your feet together and Arms By your sides Jump up spreading your legs and raising Your arms above your head Jump back to starting position and Repeat for 30 seconds exercise 3 lunges The third exercise is lunges Step forward with one foot bending both Knees to create a 90 degree angle Return to starting position and repeat With the other leg Alternate legs for 30 seconds Exercise 4 high knees The fourth exercise is high knees Stand with your feet hip width apart and Lift your knees as high as possible Alternating legs Keep your core engaged and repeat for 30 Seconds exercise 5 push ups The final exercise is push-ups Get into a plank position with your Hands shoulder-width apart Lower your body until your chest almost Touches the ground then push back up If you need to modify you can do Push-ups on your knees Repeat for 30 seconds cool down

Now that we've completed the workout It's time to cool down We'll start with some hamstring Stretches reaching for our toes and Holding for 30 seconds Then we'll do some quad stretches Bringing our heel to our glutes and Holding for 30 seconds on each side Finally we'll do some shoulder stretches Bringing our arm across our chest and Holding for 30 seconds on each side Conclusion And there you have it guys a 10 minute Fat burning workout that's perfect for Beginners Remember to warm up before you start the Workout and cool down after you finish If you're feeling up to it you can Repeat the circuit for an even more Intense workout Thanks for watching and I'll see you in The next video