Are You Doing Keto All Wrong? – Best Weight-Loss Videos

Are You Doing Keto All Wrong? – Best Weight-Loss Videos

We just talked about the wrong way to do Kido, but some revolutionary research taking the medical community by storm is shown to in Quito. The right way cannot only result in weight loss general. You love right, but may even help fight diseases like cancer and diabetes, even neurological conditions. Some doctors are even praised in this type of ketogenic lifestyle, with actually giving your brain more power that I love my friend, Montel Williams, says he’s living proof. Keto can improve your health.

Thank you. Thank you. So much. Let me brag on you for secular 2000 right he’s diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, sir, not told much about what he could do. That would make it better committee.

No much told I was, and I have a fifteen percent less chair – a life life expectancy, so I should really be dead now: yeah, that’s crazy, haha, and then this this year you had a life-threatening stroke. After all that you’ve been able to walk out here. You’Re. The person I’ve always known and loved, which is remarkable, and you argued that keto diet is part of this. I think it’s because of the protection of neuroprotection.

You said something really good before you showed the tape and that’s the fact that we’re starting to prove. We know that the brain uses ketones as a source of energy. In your great documentary, you say that we’ve gotten nutrition downright wrong. That’s your quote downright wrong! For years, how?

So absolutely because, in the Western diet, most of our diets based on carbohydrates and sugar, we need to bring those things down and that’s what I’m trying to do this I want to be around I mean I really have to. I want to be able to be here for her and have to having a stroke. You know for a while. I started you know dabbling and keto before the stroke, but I’m telling you it has really been since a stroke that I am really trying to get 100 % and go overboard because I know the neural protection I’m going to get out of it. So this is not just about eating right.

The way you think you need to eat right, we got ta, think about it in a whole, different way. Sure – and a lot of you aren’t ready for that, which is why I thought I figure out where you all are by asking all of you, the members, the audience to fill out a little blank piece of paper that had a sentence, the beginning, a sentence. In said, fatty foods are, and then blank page, and what do people say this was fatty foods, our artery blockers, yeah. Well, that’s one thing, I’m concerned about. I talked about that earlier.

Right and again, it depends on the type of fat right, because trans fats is what our probably you were talking about earlier about. You know people eating pork lines, that’s made in trance and trans fat. That’S why? How about the silly statement that fat doesn’t make you fat as a matter of fact, it helps your body process fat. We need dietary fat to have good nutrient absorption.

We need it for lots of reasons and we kind of made fat out to be the villain and it’s not it’s the sugar, that’s the villains. You come out over here, Montel working experts all over the world, looking at the ketogenic lifestyle and it looked at specifically the effect not just in the body but in the mind. Let’s walk everyone through exactly the theories on why keto might be so beneficial because people on this stage, saying if you want to deal with Alzheimer’s symptoms, Cheetos way to go. Keto absolutely recovery. Stroke eat a lot of things, but it might be good for you.

If you have it any of those things right cuz, if you’re like this, imagine what it could do for you, if you don’t have the barriers you don’t just have it just happen to have just how to stroke the brain normally consumes. Carbohydrates is energy. That’s what we always thought was the main thing, and it really is. However, some studies in animals suggest that simple carbohydrates can potentially increase inflammation nemesis for neurological disease makes that everything more difficult. You can’t heal with inflammation when you stop eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates and instead replace some of foods and rich in fats.

You know all these things, I’m throwing up there. The brain uses the ketones from that fat is energy, and this may reduce the inflammation in the brain and can protect you against certain diseases which can exit out and remove because your body can heal itself better. So what benefits have you noticed in your lifestyle? Since going ketogenic, I’m not you know before again. Well, my issue was high.

Blood blood pressure is probably what caused my stroke. My blood pressure has been almost steady on a steady path. My weight has been I’m 62 years old. I’M care walking around like with it. With the 31 inch waist, I’m holding the density jealous, and I don’t I don’t have to think about it.

That’s what’s so good about it. I mean. I know that you know a lot of people are suffering weight issues because you think about it all the time you change over to a ketogenic diets and diet and lifestyle. You have to stop thinking about it because it just happens. So I got guests for it.

Oh Meyer is here a huge fan of yours and she was diagnosed in high and that’s in 2009 shooting adorned well so you’re, a recent diagnosed yeah patient about MS Tomatoes, been there, you know for 1718 years yeah. You have a question for him. Yes, I do sure I’ve been on a weight-loss journey for quite some time and I find it sometimes to be like you know, I get bored quickly sure. How do you follow the keto diet and not get bored or tired? I hate the word diet talking you, you have them all that if all the diets that are online work, they’d only be one right, but there’s about a million of them so skip the word diet.

You have to get into a lifestyle change, that’s what’s so important. I know you’re working out and exercising, but if you start to shift over to make fat your energy source, I will guarantee some of that fog that you have in the brain will start to clear. You’ll start to have a little bit more energy. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be ready to go rather than all. Woe is me, give me another cup of coffee, so there are things that you have to do and stop thinking about it.

So much as if you have to meet this regimen, look, I’m gonna keep it at a diet. But I do cheat every now and then, but I don’t call it cheating. It’s like every 14 to 15 days. If I feel like eating something, I’m gonna eat it and guess what after 14 days Aikido, you don’t feel like eating. It anyway skip the cupcakes, because you just don’t want it.

You take a bite at me. Go you can just know that once you start stop putting them in your body, your body will start craving. He used to be a cookie guy, yeah cooking freak freak. So if you can find it easy, you won’t feel be sure to subscribe to my channel. So you don’t miss anything and remember to check back often to see what’s new

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