Can Coconut Oil Help You Lose Weight?

Although nothing is off-limits we are Putting feet to the fire and Investigating the biggest health Controversies and conspiracy theories Not today we zero in on one of the most Popular foods to blow up this decade It’s coconut oil coconut oil people are Cooking with it they’re adding it to so Many meals it’s even in your snacks it Didn’t mean using drinks but does the Latest research hold up or coconut oil Part of what some are calling a Conspiracy now we talked about this Heated health debate at the start of the Season now an urgent development the way You have been eating it Could be all wrong and that might be the Problem is the way you’ve been using Coconut oil secretly making you fat here With a no-holds-barred investigation in The coconut oil is weight loss expert Kelly and Petrucci I love hat on the Show thank you again Actually a remarkable phenomena it has Exploded happen well listen you don’t Fats a macronutrient and what that means Is our body needs it but there’s been so Much conflicting information and we’re All just looking for the Holy Grail fat Now right so you know margarine was in Now it’s out so coconut oil kind of Swept in and became the darling of the Decade and it certainly did so we’ve got Company some headlines these are this is

Some coconut oil hype specifically one Headline said five ways you can use Coconut oil to lose weight another set Once said why everyone’s obsessed with Coconut oil they’ve been lots of Questions about coconut oil as well that Meant all that many answers just last Year the American Heart Association came Out against it Fathers are still gone strong supporting It stronger than ever so why we why Can’t at least the medical community Agree whether it’s good force or not Well there’s some conflicting Information again or really an Understanding so let me try to break This up as easy as I can here’s how this Oil is broken down all oil really first In saturation so we know that coconut Oil is a high saturated fat so this Causes concern with experts doesn’t Raise your cholesterol so that can be a Problem but here’s where it’s different Than the fat say meats it has something In there call M C T’s medium chain triglycerides and This is a good fat this is what makes it Different this can prevent things like Insulin resistance and even Alzheimer’s So that’s what that’s what makes a Difference so the number one concern in The American Heart Association had was The saturated fats let’s break that down For ya and this is an important point

Because all everything else aside the One thing we know is that saturated fat Is a concern so take a whole coconut Like this right you brush that thing in Half and what do you end up with this Right you get meat coconut meat not Coconut oil coconut meat now this has Fat but it also has protein and fiber And minerals and vitamins and all these Things but when you process this coconut Meat into an oil into an oil that looks Like this guess what happens you Actually keep the fat but the protein Fiber minerals vitamins ha ha you lose All all that’s left is this fat now Initially and what’s why the coconut oil Was good for you because there are low Rates of heart disease in Polynesia you Know that is far the opposite part of The planet from us but all they have Their coconuts apparently and they eat Them all day long But they eat the coconut meat it’s not The same as the oil as we just pointed Out and their diet was very low in all The other saturated fats they don’t eat A lot of steak and sausages nanus think That part of their diet Yeah so let’s just compare the saturated Fat in coconuts yeah to other types of Fats that you all hear about that we’ve Been talking about in the shows is day One first off beef tallow beef fat Regular fat you see it and when you eat

And it’s about 50% saturated fat right Butter we all love butter yeah why are You replacing butter with coconut oil Butter 63% so it’s actually more fat cuz More concentrated coconut oil 82% look At this guy it has more of that Saturated fat that we generally want to Keep out of our diet yeah so that’s the One big idea guys keep it back your mind This look at the next disparity theory Sarah’s here and she suspects the real Reason why her weights fluctuating so Much would you tell me how are you yeah But you told me here it has been Fluctuating That you’re having problems with weight Is perhaps the coconut oil so walk me Through what your experiences well I Have coconut oil with everything I’ve Replaced every oil in my house if it’s Not coconut oil is not welcome it’s Perfect right because it’s got the right Kinds of nutrients theoretically yeah so We did a little math looking at your Food diary and we calculated that you’re Getting about 720 calories a day just The coconut oil Wow just a pokin oil That’s almost half what you’re supposed To have yeah any idea that you were Getting that much in no I’m well my Weights are going up and down I thought It was helping but it maybe doesn’t seem Like it now so what do you think you Think the coconut oil is good or bad for

Weight loss because you mentioned those MCT fats those the ones that Theoretically help so here’s the answer It can be you have to watch just like if You incorporated nuts into your diet It’s about a hundred and twenty calories Per tablespoon so keep that in mind so You do even though it’s good for you you Have to watch the portions okay that’s The king okay one tablespoon a day is Gonna be the goal from that Wow okay That’s just carries a lot of baggage With us thank you so much appreciate This no I want to show everybody a big Wrinkle a big wrinkle that we’ve found You just found diggin into coconut oil This might be a big deal for a lot of Folks it might be the real break in the Coconut oil debate maybe we’ve been Eating it all wrong this is a big issue My medical team uncovered research that Says you should be eating coconut oil With fiber why is that so critical I Love this idea and I do think this is a Breakthrough because when you mix it With fiber your cholesterol doesn’t go Up as much so you can keep an eye on That and guess what that means heart Health and we love that this might be What the American Heart Association was Worried about I’m excited to put this Research for that reason so let me Explain why that’s the case this is Really important for us to understand

You remember Coconut meat has fiber in it the way They eat it in Polynesia where they have A low incidence of heart disease which Is what we’re trying to copy and they Have also other health benefits of Reaping might because of that fiber so Coconut oil let’s say this is coconut Oil and in your in body you’ve got the Intestines which are this little space Here and your body absorbs through the Intestines and inside your body all Kinds of things happen depending What’s in your small intestine and what It can absorb so I add a lot of coconut Oil right to your diet what ends up Happening it ends up leaking through These holes and inside of your body huh You got all kinds of fancy things Happening right there’s an explosion and They’re oftentimes it called weight gain Right you don’t want weight now you had A little fiber to your coconut oil and All you’ve got to do is enjoy it because When you add the fiber to the coconut Oil and then you add it and eat in this Form to your body just like those Researchers found you had less problems In the cholesterol this whole thing Begins to thicken up a little bit and as It thickens up it can’t get through Those itty-bitty little holes so it Doesn’t turn on what’s going on inside Your intestine so you pour it out

See it’s sledging like that you no Longer have the changes going on inside The body it might actually prevent some Of the big problems were worried about To me this makes perfect sense to me This begins to bring all things together That we’re learning about the Polynesian Health they were worried that isn’t Being mimicked in our country maybe we Could get it maybe actually the whole Issue is to get the fiber in the fat Together the way the coconut naturally Gives it to you because this can’t be at All nothing attitude guys it can’t be Completely eliminate coconut oil or take It all week it’s got to be a rational Incorporation into our diet that’s how People stay healthy so take us through Some typical foods ways you might Combine coconut oil with fiber so one of My favorites is make these little bowls From a whole-grain like quinoa mix that In it’s a nutty light flavor people love To have that or oh my gosh beans legumes Lentils delicious you can mix that with A little green bean something else in There spectacular and surprisingly a Third option well the old favorite the Old standby for fiber fruit and Vegetables can’t ever go wrong with Those yeah you can add coconut oil gives It that exotic man all these are on my Pig in 365 died I added them all knew I Want you to incorporate this take

Advantage of the lots of wisdom here up Next our investigation continues buyer Beware because not all coconut oils are Created equal you talking about the Health consequences of buying the wrong Oil Be sure to subscribe to my channel so You don’t miss anything and remember to Check back often to see what’s new

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