Day 6 Of My Low Carb Keto Diet Journey

Hey it’s bear Hughes welcome to my Channel I’m on a mission to lose over 100 pounds following a low carb keto Diet and follow along with me as I go Through the Journey This is day six On my low carb eating Um been doing really good I haven’t Cheated Um I nothing really spectacular to tell you Because I’ve just been documenting these Days every day just to keep me motivated And going through because it seems like The first Week Is the hardest for me once I get through The keto flu and all that stuff it gets Easier Um If you start seeing me wear a lot of These shirts I went and bought four of Them yesterday they’re 3XL Tall Loose fit and this is a little I’m Hoping this gets me Um hope these become too too loose too Fast but I’m not going to buy any more Large clothes but when I moved I only Had about three shirts that I kept and You’ve seen them in the previous videos Here and I was looking for something Else they every one of my shirts has a Our grease staying right about there

From all right heat and um So it’s time to get some new shirts but I’m hoping I outgrow them or out not Outgrow them I hope they’re too big for Me Really fast So today’s day six Uh tomorrow’s day seven Comment below if you think I should do a Weigh-in tomorrow or wait till the recap On day eight Well Tomorrow’s this is a recap of day six Tomorrow will be a recap of day seven Which is today so I’ll weigh in tomorrow And give you uh the results of one week On eating low carb I think it’s going to Be pretty good Let’s not overdo it tonight and and blow It but I think it’s going to be reasonable what It’s expected for one week especially After the initial water weight loss Somebody commented about do I I don’t do Any uh pee strips or anything I just Have done this so many times I pretty Well know when I’m in ketosis you know One I have a lot of Frequent urination Um you know the the keto flu that’s Another sign that I’m in ketosis Um Also um you know irritable bowels you Know for the first week or so that that

Tells me I’m right on plan Um I’m just thankful that I’ve gotten Through day six so far and I don’t see Any plans of slowing down which is happy Because usually about day three four I’m Like I could go eat me a hamburger but Uh you know with the bun at McDonald’s Or whatever so I’ve done pretty good Um I’ll give you more of official update Tomorrow so remember to uh like comment Subscribe and I will see you later later Bye