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How to Lose Weight in 5 Days Without Going Hungry

Let’s start with a big breakthrough idea, but there is here a traditional fast that does horrify folks and seem impossible and the mini fast we’ll talking about today. So you hear faster, you think, no way am i doing that, but here’s what you can do, the mini fast, is so different than a regular fast, because you can actually eat on a mini fast and here’s. What’s so great, you get the same results as you would with a typical fast you get to eat. You get the same results! Here’s what it’s all about!

Here’s the most important thing, it’s all about fasting within a confined period of time! That’s the key! So what you’re gonna do is eat from 11 a.m. to 7 p.

. that’s your go time. That’s when you eat confine me when I eat, maybe I think of a difference, because you’re really training your body to burn stored fat for fuel. That’s the kid who is it work best? Well, who would you recommend who’s watching right now?

So I would say if you need that quick start, you need that push. You need something to just get you going. This is the perfect plan, perfect plan to really get you motivated get. You started on a better eating plan and for those people who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, because guess what you don’t have to with this? This is so simple.

So simple, and it’s not like you’re fasting every single day of your life or you’re dieting every single day of your life is for a short period of time and guess what you’re still eating while you’re mini fasting. So it works. Wonderful, all right so before we get to the delicious foods you get to eat in this plan, I want you to meet the women who say the mini. Fasts has changed the way they look at dieting forever. Please welcome Michelle and Hayley.

So Michelle start with you. Yeah, how much weight did you lose? 6 pounds he’s pretty good yeah we’re talking about a five-day plan. Let’S not forget that 5 days 6. What can you wear now that you couldn’t wear five days ago?

This dress I had like my gut was like hanging out and I was like super embarrassed and I brought it, but I was like. Oh my god. I need this dress in my life, so yeah this dress when you wear in that dress, you are wearing, though, how much you do. I lost 5 pounds in the 5 days. It’s been test yeah.

How does it change the mini fast change, your thoughts around fasting? Well, I’ve always had this idea that fasting you’re, like starving yourself me like. Oh, my god, I need food but I wasn’t hungry. So I actually did it and I was happy doing it. You know it wasn’t a drag.

We weren’t happy. I think we weren’t happy. Let me walk you through what a mini fast looks like very specific remember. The mini fast mantra is very different from a usual program, because this is not about counting calories. No, this is about when you eat now what you eat when you eat you’re, not counting calories, you’re telling hours be sure to subscribe to my channel.

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