The Benefits of Doing Push Ups Every Day, How It Can Change Your Body

Hey everyone welcome back to our Channel Today we're going to talk about one of The most simple yet effective exercises You can do push-ups We'll be discussing the benefits of Doing push-ups every day and how it can Change your body So let's get started Section one what are push ups Push-ups are a type of body weight Exercise that work the chest shoulders Triceps and core muscles They involve lowering your body to the Ground and then pushing it back up to The starting position all while Maintaining a straight body position Two the benefits of doing push ups every Day Builds upper body strength push-ups are A compound exercise meaning they work Multiple muscle groups at once They primarily Target the chest Shoulders and triceps but also engage The back and core muscles By doing push-ups every day you can Gradually increase the resistance and Intensity which helps to build strength In these areas Stronger upper body muscles can help With everyday tasks such as carrying Groceries lifting children or doing Household chores Increases muscle definition in addition To building strength push-ups can also

Help to increase muscle definition This is because as you perform push-ups Your muscles are Contracting and working Hard which can help to break down muscle Tissue and encourage growth As your muscles grow they become more Visible and defined leading to atoned And athletic appearance improves core Strength core strength is important for Maintaining good posture balance and Stability When you perform push-ups you engage Your abdominal muscles lower back Muscles and glutes which help to Stabilize your body and maintain a Straight line from head to toe By doing push-ups every day you can Improve your core strength and reduce The risk of injuries Enhances cardiovascular health push-ups Can be considered a type of resistance Training which has been shown to have Cardiovascular benefits Resistance training can help to lower Blood pressure reduce bad cholesterol And improve insulin sensitivity all of Which contribute to a healthy heart By incorporating push-ups into your Daily routine you can improve your Cardiovascular health and reduce the Risk of heart disease Can be done anywhere one of the best Things about push-ups is that you can do Them anywhere and at any time

You don't need any equipment or a gym Membership just a flat surface and Enough room to move This makes push-ups a convenient Exercise to incorporate into your daily Routine whether you're at home at work Or traveling Section 3 how to properly perform push Ups To get the most out of your push-ups It's important to perform them with Proper form Here's how to do it Start in a plank position with your Hands placed slightly wider than Shoulder width apart Lower your body until your chest almost Touches the ground keeping your elbows Tucked in close to your body Push your body back up to the starting Position keeping your body straight and Engaged Repeat for your desired number of reps Section 4 push-up variations Wide grip push-ups these push-ups Involve placing your hands wider than Shoulder width apart which shifts more Of the emphasis to your chest muscles They can be more challenging than Traditional push-ups and require good Shoulder Mobility Diamond push-ups also known as triangle Push-ups these involve placing your Hands close together in a diamond shape

Beneath your chest They emphasize the triceps muscles and Can be a good variation for those Looking to Target this area Decline push-ups these involve elevating Your feet on a bench or other sturdy Object which increases the difficulty of The exercise and places more emphasis on The upper chest muscles Plyometric push-ups bees are explosive Push-ups that involve pushing off the Ground with enough Force to lift your Hands off the ground They can be a good way to improve power And explosiveness but require good upper Body strength and coordination One-arm push-ups these are an advanced Variation that involve performing Push-ups with one arm while keeping the Other arm behind your back They require exceptional upper body Strength and balance and should only be Attempted by those who have mastered the Traditional push-up In conclusion push-ups are a simple yet Effective exercise that can provide Numerous benefits when done regularly By building upper body strength Increasing muscle definition improving Core strength enhancing cardiovascular Health and being a convenient exercise That can be done anywhere push-ups can Truly transform your body So give them a try and see the

Difference for yourself Thanks for watching and we'll see you in The next one

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