What Causes Belly Fat

What Causes Belly Fat

Break down this myth, when you reduce fats in your food, what do you put in place of those fats? You got to put sugar and refined carbs. That’s what we generally do so Vanessa. I want you to watch science. Bob you’ll want you.

Actually, I don’t need these is so big, so it’s glows of this experiment probably won’t make much difference, but just in case so we’re trying to show what what might happen when, when you start eating a lot of sugars and that that might make you fat. Let’S see, let’s find out what is this your body? This will represent our belly. Okay, and this will represent whether or not eating lots of sugars can affect the size of your belly. We should be close to it far from it yeah.

I would step back a little bit all right, we’re gonna add this in. Are we ready three two one see that goes in? That’s not bad! Oh, my goodness! Oh, oh, the fat literally overthrows, your body, it’s uncontrollable it taking over everything, and this done it again.

Yeah yeah. I probably wouldn’t touch that yeah. You rub my brother’s jacket. If you look at this stuff, this overwhelming bulge of fat is what we experienced and it’s the sugar, the sugar, the refined carbs that causes the problem. So now that we’ve established that’s the problem, the question is: what do you do about it and I actually think the solution is not cutting out fats.

It’s maybe cutting out bad fast, but it’s adding back the good fats. The right. That’s Bob show us yeah. So we start doing that and we should start seeing. Is our fats going down now and go look at that and melting that away, it’s melting away just appearing as you does, because the fat cells in your body actually panic if they don’t have the right fats around them, if you can soothe them by eating the Facts that reduce inflammation in the body, then guess what your fat says.

Oh it’s, okay, and it begins to melt away at a much more elegant way, and it also makes life a lot easier to be enjoyed. You can actually eat some of these healthy fats. This myth is busted, here’s a list, what are the best fats to fight belly, fat, saturated fatty acids, some new fights, in other words, and we want to have one serving of them at every meal and snack throughout the day, and this is going to shut down Those fat cells and help stabilize the blood sugar which, as we know, is what’s really behind the belly: fat and MUFAs our olive oils, nuts, nut butters, avocado and a little piece of dark chocolate. So lots of ways they’re getting it. They don’t make it easy to keep going.

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