Matrix Fat Meltdown Tracking Results With Java Burn

Matrix Fat Meltdown Tracking Results With Java Burn

Good afternoon everybody – this is Deb Bell coming to you live with my husband Charles. Hey everybody hope you are doing well today! Well, we’d like to just spend a little bit of time with you this afternoon, going over a couple of quick things. First of all, you’re joining us at a very special celebration dinner tonight celebration dinner got a lover. You got to have your celebration dinner. We’re out on the water today is a Red Star: restaurant in Cortez Florida, fresh seafood.

So if you’re ever in the area, Bradenton, Sarasota area by all means either drop us a line. Let us know we’ll be happy to meet you for dinner or will give you directions. It’s a great, fresh seafood. Restaurant fabulous, fried shrimp. If you like my shrimp, I’m not a big shrimp guy, but it’s great here its egg and they go.

What are the grits cheese, grate, cheese, grits, yummy cheese, grits to celebrate it up? That’s what we’re going to do couple important things that we want to make sure we talk about today is how to start this program. The right way. We’ve already talked about your mindset. A couple of very important things.

Track You Weight Loss Success

We’re going to talk about is, first of all, is creating a journal to track your success. If you can do that in writing or actually go ahead and start your own blog, like we’ve done so you can keep track of your results. You want to make sure you get started off the right way so that you can track your results. You want to see what’s going on, even in those times just like we had last week where it was just a very minimal decrease in weight, but we’ve noticed a lot of other things and that you’re going to notice it as well. It’s not just about the weight it’s about the inches and that’s what that’s going to talk about.

I think our time. Yes, we’re going to talk about measurements and making sure that you get those measure when you begin so. First of all, it’s important to pick the day. You’re going to start. We did a really good analysis of our work week and our weekends and really decided on what would be the best start.

The program based on shopping needs and meal plan needs and way to really kick it off with a bang, and the other important thing that’s important to talk about today is making sure you get those measurements along with your initial weigh-in. So you can simply pick up a tape measure at the local dollar store, not tape, measure like mechanical tape, measure or poaching our foods. Here we got to go well talk to her. You know what no we’ll keep talking to him: they’re going to bring it on out. Ok, so the measuring getting your measurements and that’s important measure.

The measurements for in your critical areas that you want to make sure you use weighed in most of its it’s our waist. Secondly, is probably our hip area or abdominal area. And thirdly, if you have any other targeted specialty targeted areas that you want to lose weight and make sure you get the measurements for those too, because that’s how we’re going to be able to track the results. Next, we’re going to talk about weighing in on that beginning starting day, tell us a little bit about weighing in Charles. Well, I guess what we want to cover here is be being able to weigh in at the same time, each and every day during the week.

Now one of the things you don’t want to do, let’s talk about what you don’t want to do you don’t want to weigh every day. It’ll drive you crazy, you’re going to be tracking it. You don’t want to micromanage your weight loss. So what you want to do is pick a specific day during the week and time that you do this so when you lose weight, you’re doing it this consistently each and every week make sure you wearing the same clothes or whatever we’re no clothes or whatever you’re Going to do but just make sure you’re consistent and do it on. At the same time, I would recommend at the same time same day, each and every week at the same way, you always do it hope that makes sense.

So and again, once you do your way in don’t take your measurements, we will really taking another measurement until at least your first month. First, four weeks are completed in the program, so after you’ve got your initial weigh-in journal that either with your blog, as we mentioned in your journal, that you’re keeping all of your hard results in definitely recorded record. It make sure you’re watching your progress, because that’s where you’re going to achieve the success, hey I’m getting hungry. I am too it’s time for a celebration meal and if you want to learn more about our celebration, meal get put up an article out at our blog, that is at matrix fat melt down, calm forward, slash blog, so we’ll see you on the flip side, all Right we’ll show you some food here to look at that you can still eat good and especially when you have your energy matrix. This helps yet so when you go out and do your celebration meal, you can know that you’re still for burning fat.

So we appreciate you turn it in. If you want to learn more about the the Matrix Fat Meltdown, you can go out to


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