How to Burn Fat on the Keto Diet, According to Tim Tebow

How to Burn Fat on the Keto Diet, According to Tim Tebow

Let’s start with your overall diet: let’s do I want you to explain the approach and I’m just gonna set this up. Everybody we’ve used a baseball field here, not cuz you’re, going out to playing baseball now, but because this represents a pie chart of what you eat so think about this is the food you eat during the day, so break it down for us, okay. What percent is the food you eat is carbohydrates, the percentage ie of carbohydrates is five or less. Now we have five percent right here, tore down out of the batter’s box, you’re, not even out of the batter’s box, but honestly it’s less than five percent, probably because what I’m on is the ketogenic diet and we want to have high fat, moderate protein low, carb Low sugars with a lot of vegetables, and so we want to say at five percent or less if we can all right so, let’s joggle over here, so you put such a solid jog this Russia, what percentage that way right: proteins, proteins, 20 %! If there’s a rule that I break, it is probably the 20 % rule proteins and I sometimes go above it to 30 %, sometimes maybe even 40 %.

If I’m trying to add muscle at the time. So, in the best of all worlds – 5 % – carbs 12 % – that’s the best of both world. You got a little fix, yes, because I want to get. I want to add muscle and I’m lifting extremely hard. I don’t want to have a little bit more protein.

So, let’s jog around here I’ll be a better job now, but it looks great here right. So those three quarters, basically, if all the food you eat is gonna, be went fat, think about it guys three quarters now. I know this freaks everybody out, but just because you eat that doesn’t mean you’re going to get fat. Listen it’s! I know.

That’s people’s minds are like eat fat. I’M gonna get fat no on the ketogenic diet when you eat fat, you’re, actually gonna burn fat because you have no carbohydrates or sugars in your body, you’re actually going to burn fat. That’s what the keto Judo diet is all about. You were gonna burn fat, so let’s explain this so we finished going to home base and you lose weight on the ketogenic diet, but you got ta follow that rule of not too many carbs. So let me return the favor you I built you here right.

I know you’d like this look at those thighs by the way, my goodness, that’s a strong guy, let’s go inside Tim’s body because it’s like a factory all of ours, the typical American diet and you put the rice in there. It’s not having it in bad food. You give chickens and some strawberries, but things with carbs in them. Your body uses all these foods to in Converse them to sugar, so you can burn them off and your energy, but if you eat too many of these things, especially if there’s too much sugar in them, what happens you start to save the sugar as fat? That’S how the body naturally stores it for the ice cream in there you’re really in trouble right now.

What Tim is telling us is by cutting out the carbs you’ve developed. What’s called a ketogenic diet, his body runs very differently. He primarily takes in fats, avocados just it meets even butter, right fats, but no carbs bacon he’s eaten bacon, but no carbs, there’s nothing left to convert the sugar. Only stuff can come out that that he can store rarely, but because you can’t store there goes new, treats there’s no more sugar. You begin to contract your waistline because you have created what are called ketones.

Ketones are chemicals that your body makes when there’s no sugar in your body, that’s what we call ketosis so ketogenic, that’s how Tim States Tebow stays in shape! That’s how you can do it as well now to do this and here’s a secret you’ve got, have a weight, keeping your carbs look, it’s not so easy to do right. It’S not easy to do, and one way you showed us how to do. It was to boost up your fats, boost up your fats and one of the ways I love to do it in the morning is with the bulletproof coffee one because it tastes fantastic, it’s easy to make, and it just it will last for four to five hours, Because you have so much fat that it really is a meal replacement who wants to come taste this come on over here, just get all the things you’re, throwing things there cameraman. How are you well cup?

Okay, come on gauntlet. How are you shaky-shaky chef Mahin, come over here? Okay, point to you guys: you came back okay come on down here, he’s getting here all right! No, this will sound like a lot of fat, but we’re just gonna take black coffee. Here we have heavy whipping cream, we have unsweetened almond milk and we have butter, and I know it’s like a lot of fat whipping cream.

Yes, it doesn’t talk about it without a fight is a lot of fat that you’re saying it is okay, we’ll make two of these. Could we have two guests up here, a little whip in fat? You have this most mornings. I have this yeah honestly almost every morning. Oh, my goodness, and there’s a butter we’ll take the butter.

Oh, a surgical, very good dexterity. It gets combust quarterback Susan, are you guys excited about this yeah? Yes, awesome more excited about the copy or being pimped, both both hey Mia, the butter. By the way, are you put in the coffee? It prolongs the the caffeine in your body, so you get a boost for a little longer yeah.

It’s you know it’s a novelty for the taste a little bit English toffee. Stevia is really good. One of them will stir these up. Now I want your honest opinions as much as you may love Tim. I want honest opinions there.

You are got it carefully. The butter just don’t like the light on you, but there’s no sugar in here, go ahead and give it a taste. Your own sugar, I’m gonna start trying this the book great toast each other Cheers. Okay, now watch their eyes. The whole story is their scribes.

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