Lose Weight and Burn Fat Walking

Lose Weight and Burn Fat Walking

Good morning, everybody this is Deb coming to you from the Matrix Fat Meltdown. Just wanted to talk to you a couple quick minutes this morning about an exercise program. We talked about how important that is to help you lose that weight and slim down and trim that fat that you’re looking a point of exercises is what you want to firm those muscles, rather than just losing the fat so to get started. First of all, it’s important that you get started and get started today, start somewhere start small, but the key is is to start what we did, because we have very busy BIOS. Like most of you watching this video, we started with twenty to thirty minutes every single day, and that was our commitment.

We both worked full-time until the only time that we could really do this together, and that was another part of our commitment, as we were doing this together, that we did it for 20-30 minutes right. We got home from work before we ate dinner, so it gave us time to kind of unwind relax a little bit then come home fix our meals. We had some set goals, we did about a mile to begin, and that was our twenty to thirty minutes. That’s now up to you in that same period of time, a mile and a half during the weekdays, and then we started doing at about two to two and a half miles on the weekend and that’s now up to over three miles. In that same period of time, we’re actually out walking is what we’re doing is our primary fitness goal right now and we’re doing that 30 to 45 minutes on the weekend and a solid thirty minutes during the we have set some parameters that we will increase, that To a swimming exercise program, once we reach a certain weight and then we’ll move it into the gym once we reach another weight goal.

Well, we’ve done to increase our exercise amount in the fitness level that we’re doing while we’re walking as we have increased and added some weight so that we’re getting some arm exercise along with our leg exercise, so come on. Let’s get going!

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