The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Keto Diet, What You Need to Know

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel In today’s video we’re going to be Talking about one of the most popular Diets out there right now the keto diet If you’re someone who’s looking to lose Weight improve your health or just Curious about the diet this video is for You We’re going to cover everything you need To know to get started on the keto diet So let’s get started section one what is The keto diet The keto diet is a low carb high fat Diet that puts your body in a state of Ketosis Ketosis is a metabolic state where your Body burns fat for fuel instead of Glucose This happens when you drastically reduce Your carb intake and increase your fat Intake When following the keto diet your carb Intake is typically restricted to 20 to 50 grams per day and your fat intake is Increased to make up the majority of Your calories By doing this your body switches from Using glucose sugar for energy to use in Ketones which are produced by the liver When your body breaks down fats The keto diet has gained popularity in Recent years due to its ability to help With weight loss improved mental Clarity Increased energy levels and improved

Blood sugar control However it’s important to note that the Diet may not be suitable for everyone And should be discussed with a health Care provider before starting Section 2 benefits of the keto diet The keto diet has been shown to have Many benefits Beyond just weight loss Some of the most notable benefits Include Improved mental Clarity many people Report improved mental Clarity and focus When following the keto diet This is because the brain can use Ketones for fuel which some research Suggests may be more efficient than Glucose Increased energy levels by reducing carb Intake the keto diet can help stabilize Blood sugar levels which can lead to More consistent energy levels throughout The day improved blood sugar control the Keto diet has been shown to improve Insulin sensitivity which can be Beneficial for those with type 2 Diabetes Potential benefits for certain medical Conditions the keto diet has been shown To be beneficial for those with epilepsy As well as some neurological disorders And certain types of cancer Section 3 foods to eat on the keto diet When following the keto diet you’ll want To focus on eating foods that are high

In healthy fats moderate in protein and Low in carbs Some of the best foods to eat on the Keto diet include Fatty fish salmon sardines and mackerel Are all great sources of healthy fats And protein Avocados avocados are high in healthy Fats and fiber making them a great Addition to the keto diet Nuts and seeds almonds walnuts chia Seeds and flax seeds are all great Sources of healthy fats and fiber Low carb vegetables leafy greens Broccoli cauliflower and zucchini are All low in carbs and high in fiber Healthy oils olive oil coconut oil and Avocado oil are all great sources of Healthy fats Section 4 foods to avoid on the keto Diet There are also many foods you’ll want to Avoid on the keto diet These include Sugary Foods candy soda and desserts are All high in sugar and carbs Grains wheat rice and other grains are High in carbs and should be avoided on The keto diet most fruits while some Fruits are low in carbs most are too High to fit into a keto diet Starchy vegetables potatoes corn and Peas are all high in carbs and should be Avoided on the keto diet processed foods

Processed foods are often high in carbs And added sugars making them unsuitable For the keto diet Section 5 getting started on the keto Diet Getting started on the keto diet can Seem overwhelming at first but it Doesn’t have to be Here are some tips to help you get Started Gradually reduce your carb intake rather Than drastically cutting your carb Intake overnight start by gradually Reducing your carb intake over the Course of a few days or a week This can help prevent uncomfortable side Effects like headaches and fatigue focus On healthy fats it’s important to focus On healthy sources of fat when following The keto diet This means choosing foods like avocados Nuts and seeds and fatty fish and Avoiding foods that are high in Unhealthy fats like processed Meats Stay hydrated when following the keto Diet your body will be flushing out more Water than usual so it’s important to Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of Water Consider tracking your Macros to ensure You’re getting the right balance of Macros fat protein and carbs you may Want to consider using a food tracking App to help you keep track of what

You’re eating Don’t forget about micronutrients while It’s important to focus on Macros it’s Also important to make sure you’re Getting all the micronutrients vitamins And minerals your body needs This means eating a variety of Nutrient-dense foods like vegetables Fruits and lean proteins Section 6 potential side effects of the Keto diet While the keto diet can have many Benefits it can also have some potential Side effects These may include Keto flu when you first start the keto Diet you may experience flu-like Symptoms like headaches fatigue and Irritability These typically subside after a few days Constipation because the keto diet is Low in fiber you may experience Constipation This can be mitigated by drinking plenty Of water and eating high fiber foods Like vegetables Increased cholesterol levels some people May experience an increase in Cholesterol levels when following the Keto diet This is typically only a concern for Those with pre-existing high cholesterol Levels Bad breath some people may experience

Bad breath when following the keto diet Which is often caused by the production Of ketones In conclusion the keto diet can be a Powerful tool for improving your health And achieving your weight loss goals By reducing your carb intake and Increasing your fat intake you can put Your body in a state of ketosis and Enjoy benefits like improved mental Clarity increased energy levels and Improved blood sugar control However it’s important to remember that The diet may not be suitable for Everyone and should be discussed with a Health care provider before starting

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